Bathrooms covered in positive messages

By Summer S

Graffiti in school bathrooms tends toward the negative at best and the obscene at worst; yet at Walled Lake Central, girls are seeing more and more positives quotes and sayings on the stall doors in the school bathrooms.

The quotes and sayings stay anonymous and are strictly meant to make others feel better and make them smile in the middle of the day. A couple weeks ago there were colorful sticky notes all over the mirrors in one of the bathrooms and girls posted pictures and videos of the notes and said how the notes put them in a better mood.

Junior Maria Slaybach said, “I don’t have a good time at school and the notes are cute to see and read.” Sophia Colivn, junior, backed her up, “The quotes are so unexpected but so fun.”

The quotes have spread to every single bathroom. Some of the rude writings on the walls have even been crossed out or replaced with positive sayings. Junior Brianna Clark saw something rude written about one of her friends. “I spent 15 minutes wiping it off until is was completely gone,” said Clark.
By writing on the bathroom stalls, happiness is spread to those who are already happy and those who need a little happiness. Being exposed to positive sayings allow for students to smile randomly throughout the day and boost their confidence.