VBM is coming April 13

By Jessie J

Volleyball Marathon, one of the largest events held at Walled Lake Central, is just around the corner. The all night event, begins the afternoon of April 13, and runs all the way until April 14.

Participating teams will be put into brackets and may compete all night depending how many games they win. Even if your team is knocked out of the tournament, everyone is encouraged to stay for fun activities and cheer on fellow classmates. At VBM, there will be additional activities such as henna, laser tag, Zumba, inflatables, and even a talent show. Cappuccinos and food will be provided throughout the night.

Packets for teams became available on Monday, February 27 and are due Wednesday, March 8 for teams wishing to pay $65 per member. Teams registering after then through March 22 will be charged $75 per team member.

Senior Danielle Hoef, President of Student Council, explained which organizations the proceeds will be going towards. “Our main organization we will be giving to us Fleece and Thank You, but we will also be giving to the Whaley House, the Pederson family, and an anonymous Walled Lake family.” Hoef said additional information about the event and how to form teams will be in the packets.

Sophomore Lauren Hamama explained her experience last year at VBM. “It was a totally fun and new experience! I recommend many people to come because it’s for such good causes and filled with so many exciting things throughout the night,” she says. Fellow sophomore Reid Oblack says, “It is a super fun experience that you can’t replace. You make new friends and have fun competing against upper and lower classmen.”