Weridest scholarships

By Tiffany B

The most common way to get a scholarship is to get good grades or to play a sport, but there are many other ways to get them. Did you know you can get a scholarship from being left handed? Or being really tall? There are an endless number of scholarships available for many different things.

Along with scholarships that require certain physical attributes, there are also scholarships available for people with certain interests. Love making food? Make the most creative sandwich and win up to $25,000 from the famous peanut butter company, Jif. Students at Walled Lake Central recently filled the the staff at The Call in on the weirdest scholarship they know or have ever been offered.

Junior Grace Murdock said that she knows a few random scholarships. “I know there is a scholarship for being a vegan. It’s about $5,000 to $6,000 dollars for saying how much peace matters in the world. It kinda sounds like a hippie scholarship.” This specific scholarship is called the Vegetarian Resource Group. An applicant must explain how their lifestyle as a vegetarian and express how significant peace and companionship is in our world.
Another weird way to pay off college is the “Shout It Out” scholarship. Another junior, Brooke Zeolla, said she was offered this one a while ago. “You have to write a 250 word essay about one thing you could say to the whole world and why. I did it but I didn’t get the scholarship.”  Senior Delaney Gawenda says the weirdest scholarship she knows is called the Duck Brand Tape Stuck On Prom. “It’s like $10,000 for anyone who can use 50 rolls of duct tape for the most creative thing you can think of. It’s really bizarre to me.”