How to stay safe on Spring Break

By Ashley D

Spring Break is only a few weeks away and students are getting ready to leave the cold and gloomy Michigan weather and head off to warmer places. Although this is fun and exciting, being safe on Spring Break is very important.

Tip 1: Keep your passport in a safe location. Senior Dominic Vigliarolo is going to Spain for Spring break. “ I’m really excited to go because I’ve never been out of the country or on a plane  before,” said Vigliarolo. “I will make sure that I keep my passport in a safe spot at all times and that I don’t get separated from my group to stay safe while there.If you do lose a passport while overseas, you will need to contact the nearest U.S embassy and get it replaced as soon as possible.

Tip 2: Always stay with a buddy. Junior Michelle Trombetta is going on a cruise for break.  “I’ve been on many cruises before and they’re fun but my family always makes sure we have ways to stay safe,” said Trombetta. “My family lets my brother and I go around alone but we make sure to have spots and times where we can meet up with each other.”

Tip 3:Stay in touch with family.  Sophomore Katlyn Orr is going to Kentucky for spring break with her family for a wedding. “ While I’m down there I’m going to be staying safe but also having fun  because I’m still  going somewhere but my family is going to be with me,” said Orr.  It’s a good idea to check in with family every few hours. 
Spring break is a very exciting time and people enjoy traveling, but staying safe is the key  for a fun and safe break.