Fire alarm fiasco at WLC

By Izzie

On Friday, March 10, an unusual incident took place here at Central. During passing time, right before fifth hour, the fire alarm started to ring and the whole school seemed to be confused as to what was going on. Everyone began to scramble outside as fire trucks arrived minutes later to inspect the building. The cause remained a mystery during our time outside, but after inspection it was discovered that the cause was dust.  

Since the alarm went off during passing time, a lot of students were confused because all of our past drills have taken place during class. “When the alarm started to go off I quickly realized it wasn’t a drill because the pod doors started to shut,” explained sophomore Christian Bally. During this time, students from third lunch were also in the process of making their way back from the lunchroom. “At first I was a little startled and confused about what was going on because I was walking to class from lunch,” said senior Reed Schroeder.

After Don Budzynski, one of the building’s head custodians, and the fire department examined the sensors, they found that the ones between C and D hall signaled the alarm. They concluded that there was no actual fire and the real cause of the alarm going off was dust in the sensor on the wall which is located right below the second floor railing.
Trying to sort the whole situation out with the firefighters took about twenty minutes, so the whole staff and students had to stand outside in the twenty five degree weather until it was safe to return to the building. “I was kind of happy that we got to miss class, but I was mad that we had to stand out in the cold just because they didn’t clean the school properly,” said freshman Audrey Dimmer.