Michigan’s bipolar weather

By Tiffany B

If you live in Michigan, you know how bizarre the weather is. People who live in Michigan know the struggle of wanting to get the perfect amount of rain or sunlight.  From sunshine in the winter to snow in fall, Michigan has to be the state with the most bipolar weather.

Being a Michigander can get stressful with all the weather changes.  The weather is unpredictable and always messing with people’s emotions. The only thing worse than no snow on Christmas is no sunshine in summer.  Sophomore Gustavo Aguilar likes “how we have all four seasons in like winter or something. It’s weird having no snow on Christmas, or like when it rains in January.”

Senior Matt Gannon says it’s annoying because he can never play hockey on the lake when it becomes warm. “It’ll be like fifty degrees in February and the lake won’t be solid for me to play hockey on. It’s stressful because I always look forward to it and then the weather will change and ruin my plans.”

Not only is the weather stressful, but also very frustrating.   Junior Sydney Matuska thinks that it’s frustrating because it messes with her plans. “I’ll check the weather and it’ll say it’s going to be warm, so I’ll plan my outfit for something cute and the next thing I know, I look outside and there’s rain. It frustrates me because I have to re think of a new outfit to wear.”
Michigan weather seems to ruin people’s day, plans, and emotions all at once. Although the weather is very diverse from the rest of the world, it truly is something most people have to experience for themselves.  

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