Get ready for VBM

By Summer S

Walled Lake Central is gearing up for the annual Volleyball Marathon, an overnight volleyball tournament for the students starting at 8pm and going until the next morning at 5am. Packets for VBM are able to be picked up at all three lunches and are due by the March 22. The total cost is $75 dollars and that includes all of the activities that are offered.

Students are encouraged to form their own teams and must include at least four other students but no more than ten to a team. They are allowed to design their own t-shirts for the tournament and make up a creative team name. “Getting a cute name and cute shirts is a lot of fun,” said junior Hannah Vickory.

Other than just playing volleyball, other activities are offered. There will be a psychic, a hypnotist, inflatables, henna, a cameraman, and a coffee man. “The coffee is seriously the best part of the night.” said junior Maria Slabach. Slabach is not only excited for the coffee, but also the chance to stay with her friends all night and participate in fun activities. The students are also served dinner, snacks, and breakfast.
Every year a new charity is chosen to donate the profits to. This year there are four charities that have been chosen, Fleece and Thank You, Whaley House, Kirk Pedersen, and a Walled Lake Family. These charities take their profits to help others that are in need. Their main goal is to make children smile and offer them happiness. Junior Sophie Colvin said, “Donating is an amazing thing, especially seeing the smile on their faces when we give them the money.”