Central students and staff go crazy over Girl Scouts cookies

Girl Scouts, the first ‘club’ you join early on in your school life as a child. The sashes and vests covered in patches for numerous acts in the community are of course a draw, but one of the greatest parts of being a Girl Scout is the cookie sales. From Tag Alongs to Samoas and every cookie in between, they are the greatest snack to purchase. Many think that Girl Scouts are generally through a girls elementary school and middle school life, but that is in fact false.

“I love cookie season, it’s definitely the best part of being a Girl Scout,” Sophomore Sarah Mominee, said.  “We get so competitive amongst each other because we all want to be top seller in the troop, it is so much fun.” Mominee has been a part of Girl Scouts since she was in second grade and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

“I love girl scout cookies, they are amazing! I have spent so much money this year from buying cookies from Sarah Mominee,” sophomore Sarah Abrams said.I just bought two boxes of Tag Alongs from her on Friday!”

It is very clear that high school students can’t get enough of these sweet treats, but neither can the staff. U.S. History teacher Bob Meyer, said, “Girl Scout cookie season is bittersweet, I love the cookies, but not the weight I gain from eating them.”

All the excitement from the sweet treats has the school going crazy. Students are waiting in lines at lunch to collect cookies from various sellers. Many of the girls selling cookies were messaged through random social media to get orders placed for classmates. Mominee said, “I have never had as many random numbers text me before cookie season this year. It was crazy! I had to bring in bags and boxes filled with cookies to give to people everyday!”