Football season starts strong with Viking Invasion scrimmage

By: Katie Percha

Before the varsity football season officially began, the football players and cheerleaders engaged in the years-old tradition of the Viking Invasion scrimmage on August 12.

The football team gathered to play a scrimmage game against one another in preparation for their upcoming games. Along with the scrimmage, the varsity cheer and poms teams performed. After all of this, parents held a potluck dinner for the players and their families.

“Everybody gathered for an afternoon of community and hard work,” said senior Tyler Markray, a new addition to the Viking football team. “Even though it was cold outside, it was hype and everyone was shaping up for a great season.”

Even those who couldn’t play had a great time, like senior Nick Onwenu, who was out at the time due to an injury to his wrist. Onwenu said, “It felt good watching my teammates play against my other teammates and the picnic after was amazing. It was a good day.”

Not only did the football players have an amazing scrimmage, but both the cheer and poms teams were also able to perform for parents and peers. “Poms performed and after we had a great time watching the scrimmage and eating at the potluck. It was great to be able to bond with everyone,” said junior Paige Meyer.

Viking Invasion was a fun-filled day for everyone involved, from parents to football players, and it was filled with bonding and foreshadowing for a great season ahead.

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