French Club Pumpkin Carving

By; Kyle Johnson 

The Walled Lake Central French Club is hosting its annual pumpkin carving contest for students that are part of the club. Students will have a blast carving pumpkin on Thursday, October 19 in the cafeteria after school from 2:30 to 3:30, and will cost $5.

“It’s not any different from other years,” Leila Adkins, the club sponsor said, “It’s a fun way for all kids in French Club to come together for fall and have a great time, and bond with one another.”

Freshman Marc Moceri, a French student for two years now, is very excited for the competition. Moceri said he wanted to join French Club, “to hang out with friends, and so colleges can see my involvement in clubs.”

“I joined French Club for the cake baking contest, because I know it will taste good, and I know that I’ll win,” said freshman Aiden Minard, an experienced baker. “I plan to win the pumpkin carving contest by putting a knife straight through the pumpkin. As simple as that.”

This will be an exciting event for all French Club students wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, and learn a little more about the school, and each other.


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