The Cost of Senior Year

By: Brooke Kirkpatrick

Senior year has finally arrived and, thankfully for you, it’s packed full of fun and opportunity. The cost of senior year can definitely become pricey. Most families can pay up to $7000 throughout the whole year.

One of the most expensive and traditional senior expenses is senior photos, which can range from $400-$1500. Senior photographs are used in not only the yearbook, but also for all of friends and family to enjoy as well. “I had an absolutely amazing time doing my senior pictures, and I loved the way they turned out,” said senior Alexa Aqwa.

Graduation parties and spring break follow as the next most expensive senior events, running upwards of $1200 each. Whether you are going on the class senior spring break trip or just going with family, spring break is one of the most costly. “My parents and I sat down and planned out all the stuff we’re going to have to pay for while on spring break and it’s crazy,” said senior Christine Wertman. “Plane ticket, food, souvenirs, car rental and so much more. But I feel that it’s completely worth it, because I get to have one last trip and it gets to be with all my friends.” Still, for most seniors, it’s 100% worth it. “I’m looking forward to senior spring break so much, I have a countdown on my phone,” said Wertman.

Even though we may have not have yet graduated, graduation party planning starts the minute senior year begins. Grad parties are both fun and expensive with the average price costing around $1000 with catering, decorations, invitations, and sometimes tents.

Prom is up there on the expense list for seniors. For girls, it’s usually more expensive due to the fact they have to purchase our their dresses, hair and makeup appointments and the ticket themselves. Prom for women usually costs around $800 for everything. Senior Jessica Kreuzer went to Central’s 2017 prom with graduated friend Kyle Weir. “Prom was a lot more expensive than I thought it would be. I got my hair, makeup and nails done. My dress, shoes and ticket were the most pricey expense. I had an amazing time and I can’t wait for my own senior prom,” says Kreuzer.

On the other hand, men’s expenses for prom can be significantly less than woman because they can rent their tuxedos and have to purchase their tickets only. Senior Brendan Briggs went to prom last year with close friend graduated Nevada Leslie. “All I really had to pay for was my tux, ticket and corsage. I did my tux super last minute, but I still got it on time,” said Briggs. Prom is a night you will remember for a lifetime and that’s why it can be so expensive.

If you have plans to go to college after high school, college applications have the chance to become quite pricey, with just a few additional applications costing up to $500. Most colleges have an application fee of $30 and that is just to apply, not even guaranteed admission. College transcripts are offered to be sent free by your school to three colleges, but after that you are required to pay for them by yourself. If you’re planning on applying to more than three colleges than as a senior you will have the additional expense of these college applications. “I do plan on applying to more than three colleges, so I know i’m going to have to pay for any additional applications by myself,” said senior Mackenzie Biediger.

Overall the total cost for senior year can become extremely costly. So make sure you’re preparing yourself for all the fun that is in store for your amazing senior year.

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