Top College Destination for Michigan Students

By: Brooke Kirkpatrick

Michigan students have many decisions to make when making a final decision about the college they want to attend. There are so many options when deciding this, with over 200 colleges in Michigan.

The top schools that have the most students in attendance are Michigan State University, located in East Lansing with 54,857 students attending and University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor with 45,925 students. “Michigan has always been my end goal after high school. My whole family are huge Michigan fans too,” said senior Emily Pierce.

Also attracting large numbers of students are Wayne State University, located in the Motor City with 33,747 students attending and Central Michigan University, located in Mount Pleasant with 30,683 students. “CMU for sure is a school I’m interested in. I love how the whole school is so full of spirit and everyone just seems really nice overall,” says Senior Lily Eagleton.

Rounding out the list are Eastern Michigan University, located in Ypsilanti with 27,677 students attending, and Oakland University, located in Rochester with 23,467 students.  Western Michigan University, located in Kalamazoo with 27,588 students. “I’m extremely interested in Western Michigan University. All of my friends and a few of my family members are there too. I’ve been told my whole life that it’s a great school to go to,” said senior Tyler Alexander. Also

With these being the top colleges for Michigan students, we are offered many great opportunities for our future.

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