50 Days to Christmas

By: Audrey Dimmer

Walk just far enough through the Halloween aisle at Target and you’ll stumble upon Christmas decorations! Ready or not, there are just over 50 days left until one of the most famous holidays of the year.

With the holidays so close, people have already been preparing for the hectic yet exciting celebrations. “It’s scary that they’re so close,” said Central English teacher Melissa Borgquist.  “They sneak up and fly by so fast it’s crazy,” she continued.

Many people have their own traditions and rituals leading up to and during the holidays. Sophomore Kaitlyn Lempert enjoys family time around Christmas time. “Normally, we open our stockings the night of Christmas Eve, then we eat sugar cookies, watch classic Christmas movies, and enjoy each other’s company.” Along with Lempert, Borgquist said that food and gift giving are main parts of her holiday traditions as well.

In addition to traditions, many people go on vacations and places during winter break. “This year, the day after Christmas, I am going to Florida,” said Sophomore Leah Bolitho. Foods are a favorite part of her holiday celebrations as well. “During the holidays I love eating ice cream, chicken tenders, and I absolutely love chocolate chip pancakes.”

Although the chaotic holidays can be very stressful and time consuming, the holidays are meant to be joyful and happy. The holiday time is meant to be spent with the people you love and that care for you, no matter where you are.

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