Swim and Dive season ends after many hard-fought battles

By: Kyle Johnson

The Walled Lake Central men’s swim team is preparing for another season starting Thanksgiving Weekend, and they are more ready than ever. The team wrapped up their season last year with a 6-3 record, and are planning to perform even better this year.

“The last two seasons we were able to finish top ten in Oakland County,” said Head Coach Matt Zavislak, who is planning on pushing this new swim team harder than they have ever been pushed before. “We were able to place fifteenth at divisional and states. “We’ve had a lot of team records that have been broken throughout that process, and I expect a lot of that same stuff to happen this year,”

Junior Brendan Cloutier, a previous swimmer on the team, is clearly excited for a fresh start at a new season.“I’m excited for the new season. It’ll be fun to see all my old swim friends again and hopefully we’ll have fun with the new freshmen,” said Cloutier,“There’s supposed to be a lot of fresh meat this year, which gives us an even better chance at doing well than last year.”  

One new WLC Men’s Swim team member is Freshman Ethan Broida. “I’m looking forward to winning the most. It’s great to be on a real, professional team. I’m most excited for the practices being more strenuous, so I can get better. High school is a big deal, so I want to practice hard to help my team,” Broida exclaims.

This year’s new and improved men’s swim team is back, and they are more ready than ever.


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