Fall Day Off

By: Brianna Ammori

As people walk into the start of the school year, all they look forward to are the days off. After about two weeks into school, the first day off came on Thursday, September 21 as Central’s Jewish families celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Many people spent their days off sleeping, hanging out with friends, catching up on homework, etc.

Junior Mikayla Freytag said that she spent her day off hanging out with friends which is her favorite thing to do in her free time. “We went to the lake to go swimming, jet skiing, and boating. It was so much fun because I was with all of my friends.”

Since the day off was so early in the school year, many students were excited because they got to still enjoy the hot weather on a day off.  Unfortunately for some people, they were still stuck in the school even on days off such as Sophomore Isabelle Schwartz spent her day with other members of the color guard taping flags to get ready for their regional that weekend. “I was sad that I didn’t get to be out in the sun, but I was with all of my friends and we were laughing and having fun even though we were at the school on a day off,” said Schwartz.

For most people, they were just enjoying their day off, but others were celebrating the Jewish holiday including junior Sarah Schiffer. Schiffer spent her day off going to the temple and eating dinner with her family. She had a lot of family over to celebrate the holiday. “We started the day going to the temple and then when we came home, we spent the majority of the day making food for the gathering we were having later on. At around 6 pm, all of our family and friends came over to celebrate the holiday with us,” said Schiffer. Schiffer had so much fun with her family that day, and she was so happy she didn’t have to go to school.

Now for the teachers, the day off was a different story. Social Studies Teacher Joel Sharpe spent his day still at the school in meetings and grading paper work. “I sat in my room for hours that day grading papers and planning my class for the semester.” Even though Sharpe spent the whole day here, he was still having fun because he was spending time doing the job he loves.            

For everyone in the school, this fall day off was fantastic but everyone can’t wait for the snow days to come.


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