Band Preview Show

By: Zachary Dearth

As the band hits the middle of their season, they start to prep for their preview show with four other bands, including Walled Lake Northern, Walled Lake Western, Waterford Kettering, and Waterford Mott. All bands perform their show for the season. This show took place on September 16 at Walled lake Central’s football stadium.

“The preview show is super fun, because it’s a low stress show where we just get to perform our show to the other bands in our area,” said Senior Maria Tokunaga, All-American Clarinet and Soloist. Maria also explained that Central is the only band out of the five that competes, so their show is always more intense but it’s nice to watch other shows that are just fun and laid back.

Following all of the performances, the bands gather in the center of the field to play “America the Beautiful” as one unified group. After they are done playing, they all get to meet and talk with the members from the other bands.

“Meeting all the the drummers from the four other schools is the best part of this show, because we all have something in common and it makes our bonds stronger,” said junior Alexander Daher, center snare drummer.

Some members of all five bands are very close with each other and more and more people continue to become friends each year. “I went to middle school with many people that now go to western and are in their marching band, so we love seeing each other at these events” said Sarah Mominee, Junior piccolo player.

After the show, the members of the Walled Lake Central Marching Band say goodbye to the other bands and head back into their school to go home. “This preview show is a lot of fun, because we get to meet people that do the same thing as us and we also get more performances in to get us ready for the rest of the season,” said sophomore color guard member Ashleigh Gawenda, recollecting the night.

The marching band has been hosting this preview show for many years now, and they intend to continue to host it. The bands and the parents appreciate the connections made from this show among the members of the bands.



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