Fall Scents

By: Kaylin K

Is it really fall before the “fall” scented body care products fill the shelves? Not only do people want to to drink a pumpkin spice latte: they want to smell like one. Whether it’s pumpkin, marshmallow, or apple pie scented, consumers love a good fragrance that celebrates the season.

Senior Kayla Walder was spotted using a cinnamon latte hand sanitizer and when asked where it was from Walder replied, “Bath & Body Works, where else?” Bath & Body Works has become the go-to for all things fragranced, and with their never ending sales, who can resist?

Nearby, Senior Madison Rutterbush chimed in with her favorite body spray at the moment, “Pumpkin Cider”, which she claimed “smells so good I can use it all year round.” Junior Carline Atty quickly disagreed, and said fall scents are, “only supposed to be used during fall”.

After visiting Bath & Body Works, a professional (an employee) confirmed it: fall fragrances must be the best fragrances because in her experience, fall is the stores, “Busiest and most hectic time of the year”. This time precedes Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, which bring more business and more sweet scents.

Don’t want to smell like like a pie or a latte? Don’t worry, the store also carries their staple scents all year round that are a little more light and airy to please those who pretend summer is just around the corner-even at the beginning of fall.


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