Gymnastics Preview

By: Alyssa Rester

The 2017 joint Walled Lake gymnastics season officially began Monday October 30. Girls from all three Walled Lake high schools make up the team and there are no cuts – all girls that come are welcomed and placed on the team.

Many girls with many different skill levels came out to be a part of the gymnastics family. Whether they have many skills, or none, that does not stop these gymnasts from excelling on the team. First year gymnast and senior Drew Schmidt said, “I used to be on the Central cheer team, but I really was wanting to try something new this year. I have a few friends on the team and I thought since I grew up doing gymnastics that it would be nice to go back to after all these years.”

While there are many new girls joining the gymnastics family, there are also many returning gymnasts as well. Returning gymnast junior Jeana Marquardt said, ”Unfortunately, I have only made it to two practices this season, but I am still beyond excited for this season seeing that we have so many new girls joining our amazing family this year“. Many of the returning girls are full of excitement as the season finally begins and they all are on the hunt for many wins.

In addition to growing as gymnasts, team members look forward to many new friendships are being made and rekindled as the team begins to bond. Walled Lake Western returning gymnast and junior Merna Schwartz said, “My favorite part of being on the gymnastics team is getting to make all these new friends and meet these amazing people that I wouldn’t normally have a chance to meet if it wasn’t for gymnastics”.

The Walled Lake gymnastics team begins to create and perfect their routines before their first meet, which is to come later on this winter.

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