Hoco Court

By: Katie Percha

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyone getting ready for the Homecoming game and dance, the crowning of Homecoming court is a prominent part of the week’s traditions at Walled Lake Central. Central students vote every year for their Homecoming court, and seniors ultimately choose the king and queen for the year. This year, the Homecoming court proceedings were a mixture of new and old, resulting in a fun wrap up to Homecoming week.

As it has been for so many years, the Homecoming court was crowned at the Pep Assembly. On Freshman court was Angie Wegrecki and Olivia Paul, escorted by Kyle Coden and Joe Penrod, respectively.

Sophomores crowned Ariana Jordan and Shelby Dundas, escorted by Donivan Dickerson and Kyle Brouwer. For Juniors, Paige Meyer and Avery Colvin were escorted by Josh Kaplansky and Reid Oblak . Meyer was excited to be on court, saying: “I loved going up in front of the whole school and my poms team, and it made Homecoming week a lot more fun for me.”

Seniors had three on court: Madison Cohen, Larissa Barnett, and Sophia Colvin, escorted by Nik Palafox, Trae Hjorth, and Christopher Hamama. In a slight deviation from years past, the king and queen were not crowned by the typical flower reveal, where the king and queen had a different color flower. Instead, each couple was given a balloon to pop, filled with different colors of confetti. The winning couple’s balloon had gold confetti, in comparison to the others’ silver.

In a shower of gold confetti, it was revealed that Colvin and Hamama were to be the 2017 Homecoming king and queen.  Hamama said, “It was really nice to know that my peers don’t actually hate me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better queen.”

Even for those who did not make court, the crowning of the king and queen is an unforgettable tradition. Senior Haley Kaplansky, the chair for the Homecoming Court Committee, said: “This year’s Homecoming Court was made up of a lot of really great people, and I’m glad things went as smoothly as they did.”



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