State rivals face each other

msu uof m.jpg

By: Miles Hersh

Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan, Michigan State. It’s all you hear each year as the two state rivals take one another on.  This year, Michigan vs. Michigan State was on Saturday, October 7 at The Big House. It was a rough and rainy game for the Wolverines, who sadly lost to the Spartans with a final score of 14-10.

In the first quarter of the game, Quinn Nordin kicked a 30-yard field goal that put Michigan in the lead 3-0. Then Michigan State [Quarterback] Brian Lewerke ran 14 yards to score a touchdown and their kicker Matt Coghlin kicked the extra point, putting Michigan State in the lead 7-3.

Freshman Maryam Maktrai,  a huge Michigan fan who watched the game, was very upset by the loss. “I was upset that our quarterback and our number one receiver were injured and could not play,” she said.  “We should have won.”

In the second quarter, Michigan State [Running back] Mare London ran 16 yards to catch a ball from Lewerke to score a touchdown. “And the extra point is good,” said the referee after MSU kicker Coghlin kicked the extra point again. Michigan State fans went crazy because they were winning with a score of 14-3.

In the third quarter, Michigan scored a touchdown from a one-yard run from [Fullback] Khalid Hill to score Michigan’s first touchdown. Kicker Nordin made the extra point, boosting the score to 14-10.

Sadly neither Michigan nor Michigan State scored in the fourth and final quarter and so the score stood at 14-10, Michigan State victorious over Michigan for the second year in a row.  Overall Michigan had five turnovers but Michigan State had none. They both had possession for about half the game. Michigan had 17 first downs and 300 total yards and Michigan State had only 13 and 252 total yards.

Freshman Bria Hirschman, a Michigan State fan said, “I was very happy and proud  for the Michigan State football team to win the game against Michigan after a sad loss last season.” Hirschman was really surprised that Michigan played and thought they would do better and that the game would be more intense. She said that it was crazy how many turnovers Michigan had.

Senior Michael Madison  was very sad about the final game score. He said “it is never fun losing.” He was very sad about the loss but he said, “The better team won.” He observed that “ Michigan is a second half team and after it started to pour, both teams shutdown.” He did not want to make excuses but he said “ Michigan is having big offence issues.”

Since 1898 Michigan has won 69 games and Michigan State has won 36 games; they have tied 5 games. Since 2000, Michigan and Michigan State have both won nine games. Overall they have played 110 games.  And the rivalry will go on.

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