After School Club is Dedicated to Food

feastBy: Miles Hirsch

Although it’s off to a slow start, one of Central’s newer after school clubs, the Epicurean Club, is hoping to bring students together to to hang out and eat food from different cultures here at Walled Lake Central.

The group was scheduled to have their first meeting on October 10. The meeting was unfortunately canceled because of the wall hanging event happening for Spirit Week. They are hoping to have their first meeting very soon in the weeks to come.

The president of the club, junior Brayden Hirsch, is very excited about the new club. She said she made the club to “have an excuse to be with her friends and to meet new people.”

The club advisor, Melissa Borgquist, helped Hirsch with making a new club. Borgquist said, “There were not a lot of clubs about having fun and eating food.” She was very bummed about having to cancel the first meeting, but cannot wait to reschedule.

English teacher Shanell Eastman had heard about the meeting from a poster in the hallway she was very excited about the new club. She would “think it would be very fun.”

Everyone who likes to eat food would love this club. The next meeting does not have an official date but you will hear about a new meeting date and time soon.

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