Pink Out game against South Lyon ends in victory


By: Sydney Tinson

The weather was mild and the crowd was R-O-W-D-I-E as the student section, wear pink to honor those that touched by breast cancer, continuously cheered under the Thursday night lights at this year’s Pink Out game against South Lyon on September 28th.

The game itself was an exciting one with continuous, even scoring. At the end of the first half, Central was up and then went into overtime at the end of the regular game. The decision was to try a 2 point conversion, which made the crowd nervous and excited because if the team didn’t get the two points, South Lyon would have taken the win, while Central getting the two points would mean a win in overtime.

As the play began, the crowd went silent. Team captain senior Michael Woolridge ran toward the end zone and the whole crowd cheered with excitement as Central won the game with a risky two point conversion. “I felt so proud after we won,” said Woolridge.

Everybody was found to be proud of the risky win. “This play was risky to watch but once we won it everybody was so proud,” said senior Ashley Downey

Half-time was extra special because it was Pink Out night. The cheer team, poms team, and band performed for everybody. Poms Captain senior Madison Cohen said, “I was nervous before I went to perform in front of the whole school for my team’s halftime performance.” The performance was fun to watch because all of the girls had high energy and huge smiles.

Two members of the cheer squad participated in their first Pink Out game ever.  Freshman Erica Tinson, one of two freshmen on varsity, performed with fellow freshman Olivia Marlow. They both are great new aspects to the team. Marlow and Tinson hold up the position “basing” on the varsity squad.  “I was honored to wear pink and cheer for those who have suffered or been diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Tinson.

Overall, this mild fall Thursday night was one of the most exciting games to watch of the season. The risky decision gave everybody that nervous but excited gut feeling. It was a great way for the boys to gain some confidence that would hopefully last throughout the season.

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