Crosstown rivals pay homage to Veterans at football game

By: Nathan Landry

On Friday, October 6, Central faced an crosstown rival, Walled Lake Northern in an away game. The game was a big deal not only because the Vikings faced one of their biggest rivals, but also because the game was the annual Wounded Warriors game.

This game was a special game because both schools honored any and all veterans. “It was a honor to represent veterans and my uncle, Mikey Tabone, who fought in the Ukraine War,” Junior Joey Brincat said. Joey tried his hardest during the game for his uncle and all veterans.

Senior Michael Woolridge, who played for the Walled Lake County police chief whose son died while in action said, “When the chief told me the story of his son it was one of the coolest things. I was honored to play for him.” Michael may not be related to any veterans, but still tried his hardest during the game to honor them.

The game was a close loss for the Vikings. During the first half, Central was behind. The team almost made a comeback during the second half, but ended up losing 26-24. Even though the team did end up losing, it was a great win for the fact that players got to honor our veterans.

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