Vikings win Homecoming game against Waterford Kettering

homecoming football

By: Sydney Tinson

Homecoming week is a long, stressful week for us all, but at least we have the big game at the end of the week to look forward to. This year, the game ended in a win over Waterford Kettering.

Before the game, all of the fall sports teams and even clubs and some activities paraded around the neighborhoods near by Central. Young families brought their future Vikings and some teachers bring their kids for some fun and candy. Senior Kennedy Turkington, a part of the varsity golf team, participated in the parade. “I enjoy passing out candy to young kids, especially with my team.”

The stands are always found to be the the most crowded for the Homecoming game because most family members enjoy attending this game.Junior Paige Wakeling, member of the varsity cheerleading team, said “It’s nerve racking for my team’s pre-game performance because we always end up sprinting to the field from the parade to perform on time.”

The game itself was high-scoring for the Vikings, who came out on top 52-36 over Waterford Kettering Captains. The boys offense was on their game this night. They kept scoring with touchdowns thanks to seniors Michael Wooldridge and Dalen Franklin.Team captain junior Joey Brincat said, “Our offense as well as our defense played consistently,. considering the offense was always scoring above Kettering and the defense was defending them from getting more touchdowns than us.”

The cheerleading team pledged to do push ups every time the football team got a touchdown. to show their support in the game. Sophomore Kiana Matteson, member of the varsity cheerleading team, said, “I love when we win, but high scoring games mean a high number of push ups.”


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