Central’s spontaneous play

pasted image 0-5By: Alana Harrison

Walled Lake Central’s fall play, The Mouse That Roared, will open Thursday, November 30 and be performed at 7:30 pm each night through December 2. Adults are $10 and Students and Seniors are $9

The play, which was written by Leonard Wibberley, follows the struggles of the tiny nation of Grand Fenwick’s as the nation’s only export, a special wine, begins to be produced in California while their entire economy collapses. Things look dire until two characters point out that no country that has declared war on the United States has ever gone hungry. When Field Marshall Tully Bascombe and the 23 other men in the Grand Fenwick army invade the United States, their plan to immediately surrender unravels.

Junior Elijah Belanger, who plays the role of the president in the play, said, “Our whole cast has been working very hard to produce this year’s fall play, and I hope many people show up at the doors.”

Director Elizabeth Rexroat has worked very diligently to get her cast together to make a star show. “My students here at Walled Lake Central always give their full effort into making this production the best it can be.”


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