2017’s greatest teacher

teacher of the yearBy: Tiffany Barnes

The nominees for Walled Lake Central’s 2017 Teacher of the Year were very qualified, and the honor went to English Teacher Justin Schumacher.  

“I didn’t expect to win this year, but it was an honor to be a nominee with my other great colleagues,” said Schumacher. “I thank my students, my boss, and my coworkers for making me a better teacher and giving me this award.”

Schumacher was announced as the winner at December staff meeting where he was surprised by his family on stage.  Additionally, he received a certificate, a decorated pod office in his honor, and his picture will be put up in Central avenue with the former teacher of the year’s pictures.

Junior Wajfa Sadaat was really happy for Schumacher. “He is the best teacher I’ve ever had. He definitely deserves teacher of the year,” Sadaat said. “I hope he gets many more rewards in the future for his great teaching and interesting personality.” Many of Schumacher’s students agreed with Sadaat.

Lesley Drillich, Principal’s Secretary, explained the process of being nominated, evaluated, and selected teacher of the year. “It’s really long and kind of complicated.” she said. “First, you have to be qualified to even be a nominee. Second, the students and staff shorten down the list of nominees by picking a teacher they think deserves it the most. After that, the list gets sent off anonymously to another Walled Lake high school so that the committee there can pick. Once they tell me who they pick, that teacher is the winner.”


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