A wrap-up on 2017

2017 wrap upBy: Tiffany Barnes

2018 is already here, which means 2017 is gone. It was a year filled with good and bad memories for everyone. The juniors became seniors and Central welcomed new freshmen to the school. Let’s take a look back at 2017 to see how it went for our students and staff here at Central.

Sophomore Ashleigh Gawenda said that 2017 was a good year in the beginning, then became a bit stressful as her sophomore year approached. “It was easy, because I was only a freshman and all my classes were simple. Now, It’s kinda stressful because my teachers expect a lot from me.” Gawenda also explained how her summer went too. “I went to California so that was great. It was relaxing, I wish I could go back.”

Junior Gustavo Aguilar said that his 2017 taught him some valuable lessons. “I lost friends, gained friends, and overall learned some lessons. I learned some the hard way, and some the easy way. 2017 was a good year to reflect back on in the future.” Aguilar also said that his favorite part about 2017 was making friends and participating in the drumline. “I love drumming and being with other people who loves to drum just as much as I do is really cool because we automatically become friends.”

Junior Alexis Whitfield said that this year was one of the worst years for her. “I mean, at first it was okay, but then junior year started and it just all went downhill for me. There’s so much work and it keeps piling up on me.” Whitfield said that drama was also a big downer for her year. “So much drama! Drama with friends and family. I hate it. I am determined to make 2018 my year of no drama.”

Whether it was good or bad 2017 was definitely a year to look back on. All we can do now is hope that 2018 brings us nothing but good luck.

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