WLC students give back

gift driveBy Erin Pratt

As some people are getting ready for break, others are getting ready to give back. At WLC, that often means taking part in the annual holiday gift drive which gives students and staff the opportunity to ‘adopt’ a child so that the child will receive gifts this holiday season.

The students at Joy Prep Academy fill out a personality sheet where they list things such as their favorite color, clothes sizes, and toys they want. Then, students at WLC head out and select gifts based on these profiles.  It’s then up to Student Council members to wrap and deliver the gifts just in time for the holidays.

Executive President senior Chris Hamama loves feeling like Santa Claus to the kids. “The joy that fills their eyes makes it feel like it was worth the time and energy spent contributing to the gift drive,” he said. “Walled Lake Central students really enjoy giving back to their community and the holiday gift drive is a perfect way to do it. Not everyone is as fortunate as some so it feels great when people give back,” Hamama continued.

Senior Danielle Martin has been a part of Student Council all four years at Central and loves participating in this event. “The holiday gift drive this year went amazing thanks to the help of the students and faculty that adopted a child. The kids at Joy Prep were beyond grateful and loved everything they got. I can’t put into words the feeling I have while watching the joy they get from the event, spending the day with them is my favorite memory of high school so far. The staff and students of Joy Prep are honestly inspirational and will always have an effect on me,” she said.

Bringing joy to the kids is the main focus of the volunteers. Senior Olivia Ross loves being the reason a child smiles this season. “Their smiles always make me smile,” she said, “I feel like I’m making a huge difference in their lives and it means so much to me,” she continued.


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