Every year we set new resolutions, which usually end in a flop. Here are some best fails

nyrfailsBy: Brooke Kirkpatrick

Every year, we come up with what we think is going to be a grandiose New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, these usually end up being a flop after a few months, weeks or even days.

Not everyone breaks these resolutions but what seems to be the majority has trouble keeping the resolution going. “I’ve only ever completed one of my New Year’s resolutions and that was last year. My resolution was to stop drinking pop, and for the entire year I didn’t take a sip,” said senior Alexa Aqwa.

Most people make pretty hard resolutions, and that’s usually the cause of the failing. The idea to perfecting a resolution is making it something which is possible but still challenges you. “I always make super hard or out of reach resolutions, and that’s probably why I usually fail within the first few days,” admitted junior Molly Paddrock.

Out of the many fails that we all know we’ve had, what is your most failed new year’s resolution? “I remember a specific resolution I had, I must have been like 11 or 12 and my resolution was that I was gonna grow 2 feet. Clearly illogical because that’s like growing to 6 foot by 13… not my smartest plan,” senior Ryan Bednar laughed.

Keep in mind next New Year that a resolution is put in place to achieve so make sure its a reachable goal not a stretch of imagine or crazy dream.

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