Student to staff: Academic and emotional support

bffBy: Alyssa Rester

Over the course of a student’s life in high school, they form a special bond or connection with a teacher. Teachers act as these students’ “parent” while the have them in their class for roughly nine months.

Senior Josie O’Connell formed a very close friendship with a former French teacher Madame Green. The pair became very close over the few years they knew each other and still are even after Green’s retirement. “Without Madame Green, my days in a French class would not have been the same. She has and continues to light up each and every day, and I am truly honored to have her in my life,” said O’Connell.

Another close student teacher pair is English teacher Casey Sage and junior Emily Hudspeth. The two have become very close through class, along with Student Council work. The two are very close and their bond only grows as the year keeps on progressing. “Mrs. Sage’s class is the highlight of my day. Her sarcastic remarks and huge heart make every school day just a little less stressful as we share laughs and smiles every time were together,” said Hudspeth.

Another dynamic duo is senior Mackenzie Biediger and Social Studies teacher Joel Sharpe. The two met through their shared love of soccer. Between practice and class, the two formed a close bond. “Sharpe has taught me so much about being a strong and confident person in the time I’ve known him. He has been such an amazing role model for me and I really and going to miss him when I leave for college this fall,” said Biediger.

While there are some teachers you just cannot stand, there are also some who touch your heart and bring you into their life with open arms. Teachers don’t have to be just teachers, they can be friends and family, too.

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