Are you still watching?

netflixBy: Brooke Kirkpatrick

We’ve all had the days when all we did was lay in bed all cozy, binge watching our favorite Netflix shows. Some people seem to be able to breeze through a series on Netflix with ease, that’s what we like to call dedication. Others like to take it episode by episode whenever they have time, that’s what we like to call patience. Whatever way you watch you still have to have a go to favorite.

“I can watch Grey’s Anatomy any place any time. Its my absolute favorite show on netflix ever.” said senior Emily Pierce.

Netflix gives you the option to watch it all, episode one by one, giving you the freedom to watch however you please. Some people take binge watching to an extreme, while others take it slow and steady to get the best knowledge out of the plotline. “I’m definitely the type of person who will sit down and limit myself to two episodes of the office everyday because I really enjoy the show and don’t want to breeze through it,” said junior Megan Lee.

Out of all the shows, you have watched on Netflix which do you most recommend? Something funny, serious, informational, or even scary?  “I really recommend 90210. It gives the dream of luxury, comedy and theres cute guys so I really can’t ask for more.” laughed Senior Dana Simon.

But the real question is… what were you watching?

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