Our apparel for this 2017-2018 winter

winter aparelBy: Katie Percha

Winter is in full swing, and amongst the numerous freezing-cold days and fifty-degree surprises, the classic debate of best winter wear is, as always, a major topic. From “mom coats” to the controversial brand Canada Goose, students at Central all have their own ways of expressing their style, yet also keeping warm.

Many girls at Central opt for the always practical, always comfortable “mom coat,” a long down coat that is sold in stores everywhere. They are easy to throw on, warm, and can come in many different colors, the most popular being black and grey. Senior Carly Orick said, “my mom coat is my favorite thing to wear in the winter, because it keeps me warm and also looks cute at the same time.”

Many of the guys are turning away from the usual long-pants and jacket combo and going for a more adventurous look this winter. Senior Anish Basavalingiah is notorious for his experimental fashion, which he carries on in the winter. Basavalingiah said, “I think that most people just have one good, thick jacket they wear everyday, but I like working with things like turtlenecks and sweaters combined with a wool coat on top, because that keeps me the coziest.” Though many have different tastes in winter wear, being warm is a common theme amongst all.
Even accessories in winter are aimed at warmth, from hats to gloves to even large scarves, a new style that has spanned the globe. Senior Ben Shin, however, is a fan of the underappreciated ear muff, saying “I love [earmuffs] because even though they’re underrated and people don’t normally wear them, it seems like cold ears are always a problem, and they really keep you warm.”

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