Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. life

mlk jrBy: Leila Barnes

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day, which falls on January 15 this year, is set aside each year as an opportunity to honor the legacy of the famous activist who fought for equal rights among Americans. Dr. King certainly made an impact in America, but what did he change for Central students specifically?

Junior Josh Thomas said that Dr. King made a difference in his life by encouraging Americans to celebrate diversity, including the beautiful blend of cultures at Central. “Everyday, you walk into school and see someone who’s not the same color as you, and that’s okay. I really love being able to see that people are different. Martin Luther King Jr brought diversity to our school, which is great because different is good.”

Social Studies Teacher Bob Meyer said that MLK Jr made an impact in his life by being able to work in an environment with a mixture of religions, race, and ethnicity. “When you walk into the doors of Central, you see all the amazing flags from so many different countries. Then, when you step into a class, you see someone wearing a hijab, and someone wearing a cross on their necklace.” Meyer also spoke about how he loves seeing his kids interact, even though they’re completely different. “Whether they talk about the game last night, or talk about school work, you see them all getting along despite their differences. It’s really heart warming and I wish other places would look at our school as an example.”

Junior Katlyn Orr said that she thinks of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today as a day of reflecting. “Seeing how our country used to be is scary. Now, we all get along better and we are all starting to accept each other for the way we are. I think today we should remember how life was and really use that to make our future better.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr has affected all of our lives. He has brought diversity and acceptance in our school, and we continue to honor him for his equal rights movement.

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