Valentines Day: Love it or Hate it

Alyssa Rester

It is now February and with February comes Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day, a day you spend either showering your significant other with love and gifts, or sulking alone in annoyance. The truth is you either love it or hate it, and people from all walks of life are opening up about the Hallmark holiday.

Many people use the day as an excuse to shower their significant other in various gifts and treat them to extravagant dates to showcase their love and affection for one and other. Senior Angie Mayes said, “Valentine’s Day for me is just to remind my boyfriend how much I appreciate him.” Couples take the evening to reconnect and remind one and other of just how important they are to each other. “We are planning on spending the night watching movies and just keeping each other company,” said Mayes.

While many people love Valentine’s Day and the love that surrounds it, there are also those who dislike the holiday just as much. The constant pressure of making the night perfect for their significant other or the frustration of not having someone to share the day with is what turns people away the most. Junior Joey Lotito said, “The pressure to be in a relationship for Valentine’s Day and have a picture perfect night is ridiculous.”

While the idea of having a night to express love and admiration for a significant other is sweet, others believe that couples should be doing this year round. “There shouldn’t have to be a holiday to show someone how much they mean to you. You should be showing them how much you love them regardless of the day,” said freshman Makayla Mullet.

The infamous holiday is rapidly approaching and whether you love it or loathe it entirely, take advantage of the delicious half off chocolates on the 15th!  

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