Walled Lake Central Students Hold a Candlelight Vigil in Honor of Tanner Bryan

Alyssa Rester

The members of the Walled Lake community plan to hold a candlelight vigil on the Walled Lake Central football field to honor fallen Viking Tanner Bryan. The vigil will begin at 6pm on the football field Tuesday, February 5, the one year anniversary since his passing.

The purpose of the candlelight vigil, is not only to honor and remember Tanner for the spirited young man he was, but to also bring all of the people that he touched together as they still grieve and cope the loss of their loved one. Teacher and former WLC Varsity Football Coach Bob Meyer said, “The candlelight is to celebrate Tanner and the life that he had, but also to let him know that life is not the same without him.”

The vigil is not just for Tanners close friends, but for any member of the Walled Lake community who had been exposed to the kindhearted Tanner. Candles will be provided, so bundle up and come out to celebrate and honor the lost member of our Viking family.

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