Going APES for Water Testing

By  Rebecca Noeske

Ever wonder what exactly goes in to creating clean, drinkable water? This past week, AP
Environmental Science (APES) students at Central had the opportunity to find out. Teacher Dr.
Mary Kay Marks took all her APES to the water treatment plant in Wixom. Marks took her firstIMG956648
hour class on Tuesday, April 16, and her fourth hour went on Wednesday, April 17.

“It was a cool opportunity to see the process that goes into cleaning water,” said senior Hallie
Averbach. “A lot of us just assume all water is clean and don’t question why.”

After visiting the treatment plant, students went to the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center,
where they had the opportunity to test the water in a river on site. Following that, they went to
the Huron River in Commerce Township, where students again were able to test the water and
report their findings.

The students’ test findings will not be in until later next week. But many students returned from
the field trip covered in mud.

IMG958126“I got mud all over myself,” said Averbach. “But it was still fun and I’m curious to see what our
tests will reveal.”

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