APES and AP Bio to Visit Zoo

By Kennedy Werner

To finish the year off right, witness what was learned throughout the year, and to study

biodiversity, evolutionary adaptations, and ecology, WLC’s AP Environmental Science and

AP Biology students will bus to the Detroit Zoo on Tuesday, May 21 during 2,4, and 6 hours

to review the concepts learned. Markay Marks and Sherri Look will be treating their 115 total

students to the end of the year field trip having already taken their AP Exam.

“Other than getting to miss a day of school, I think most of us are looking forward to hanging

out with our friends and [being able] to see the concepts we learned about being applied to real

ecology,” said Morgan Stacey, sophomore in AP Biology.

AP Bio teacher Look, said, “[The students] will be doing a study of evolutionary adaptations

and ecology.”The trip to the zoo has become an annual experience for WLC students in these

desired classes.

Now because of the current study of Biodiversity in APES Class, “[These] students will be

completing an Animal Behavior Ethogram,” said Dr. Marks, “which is a system of observing

animals [created] by Jane Goodall.” Having learned about this in class, APES students will see

the Detroit Zoo’s Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) program in action, viewing all the

breeds and saved endangered species.

With the Detroit Zoo field trip, students have the opportunity to revisit the material taken from

the classroom and view it in the outside world. The Zoo, located in Royal Oak, MI, is home

to more than 3,300 animals and 280 different types of species. These 3,300 animals include

amphibians, mammals, birds, and reptiles.

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