German students become culturally aware of Deutschland

By Kennedy Werner

Pretzels, castles, and LOTS of bread, are in store for 20 Central students enrolled in German 1 through AP German traveled to Germany to expand their culture and language awareness this past summer. From August 4 until the 24, German teacher Theresa Robinson, with the help of Special Education teacher Julie Clapp, showed the American students the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, and Hannover.

“The trip was amazing!” said Robinson, “With the help of Mrs. Clapp, lots of wonderful memories were made, intercultural connections established and strengthened, and lots of German was spoken!” Living with host families for part of the time, Central students experienced firsthand the lifestyle of the German people, their food, hobbies, and schooling patterns.

“Everyone stared at you when you walked into the classrooms,” said junior Nicco Beltramo.

Like Beltramo, most students were surprised at the heavy differences in manners and etiquette inside and outside the school. Attending the Johannes Kepler Gymnasium parttime, Central students were able to compare their schooling life in America to Germany’s.

With about an eight-hour flight out to and from Frankfurt’s International Airport, students were eager to get there, but sad to come home.

“It was hard to leave Germany, I was sad when I got home,” said senior, Ian Gillis, “We met so many new people there.”

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