Fans anticipate upcoming November concerts

By Alexsys Carcone

Today’s popular artists have become more and more active in their music communities. Tours are spontaneous and more frequent. The revival of bands Fall Out Boy and Paramore has given hope of tours to desiring fans yet again. Whether they have just formed or are ten years old (or even older), bands today are making the effort to give their followers the opportunity to sing along with them yet again this season.

This fall, the Palace of Auburn Hills is one of the most popular locations for touring bands. More mainstream groups such Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and solo artists like Pink will both be performing there this November. Macklemore will be in Auburn Hills on November 2 at $48 a ticket and Pink on November 6 at $50 a ticket. Alternative bands like Paramore will also be lighting the place up short after on November 21 at $45 a ticket.

Anyone looking for a worthwhile drive to Detroit will be pleased to know that The Story So Far and City & Colour will be playing at the Filmore as well as St. Andrew’s Hall. City and Colour will be here in early November on the eighth at $35 a ticket and TSSF in late November on the twenty-ninth at $25 a ticket.

On a more local level, smaller groups like Ice Nine Kills (INK) and Anthony Green will be at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac this November. INK will be here on November 4 at $13 a ticket. Following shortly after is Anthony Green on November 7 at $15 a ticket. The Crofoot may not be roomy, but it’s an awesome venue for smaller artists and thriving bands

Anyone interested in any of these shows or who wants to explore other touring bands should check out sites like Ticketmaster and Live Nation, as both are gateways to some awesome shows.

The ticket prices will vary depending on the venue, the popularity of the artist and also how close to the performance dates you are, so hurry and place your orders soon. Bands don’t stay on a single tour forever, so take advantage of the time they’re here. You can never go wrong with supporting a group you like.

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