StuCo representatives announced

By Krista Fog

Walled Lake Central’s new Student Council representatives for the 2014-2015 seniors, juniors, and sophomores were selected on Friday, May 16 and announced at the end of the day. The incoming freshmen representatives will be determined in the near future.

The senior representatives include Natalie Nichols, Olivia Snyder, Erin McCarthy, Sarah Raider, Brendan Armstrong, Thomas Branoff, Logan Meyer, Jack Rosser, Jamie Stockdale, Brittany Clark, Britanny Hamama, Caleb Sokolowski, Sam Woznicki, Connor Stevenson, and Jillian Pelzer.

“Next year is going to be a blast,” said McCarthy. “We learned so much the past three years from previous senior classes and I think that we are really prepared.”

The junior representatives include Lindin Ebeling, Jackson Esterline, Abby Sachs, Olivia Linson, Noah Bloom, Jake Amcheslavsky, Marie Getzen, Ryan Kalis, Carson Koppin, Ben Kucharski, Logan Manning, Connor Mason, Caroline McGann, Cam Stevenson, Alyssa Wegrecki, and Dana Zakovich.

The sophomore representatives consist of Parker Coe, Max Mindell, Sydney Snyder, Samantha Mindell, Drew Temple, Peyton Meyer, Katie Krumm, Kellen Branoff, Elena Dudash, Savana Floyd, Danielle Hoef, Amanda Ling, Poff Midgley, Shannon Pincheck, Matt Tarry, and Mallory Wegricki.

“I am really pumped for next year,” said Pincheck. “We finally are out of the bottom class and will have better opportunities to serve our school.”

The presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, secretaries, and PR’s (public relations) will be voted on this coming fall.

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