Tips to keep your body wealthy by staying healthy

By Kennedy Werner

June 11 is quickly approaching, meaning no more due dates, calc tests, or obsessive logins to Skyward by students at WLC. Summer loosens the reigns of school and administration and leaves students to their own devices. Sure, as a student one may be ecstatic about this newfound freedom. Yet, so often students forget about the needs of their bodies throughout summer, and they put their overall health on the backburner to insure the summer of their lives.  The following tips are in order to help you enjoy the ultimate summer of 2014 without taking a toll your wellbeing in years to come.


First and for most, drink lots of water. The Institute of Medicine suggests that males drink at least 13 cups of water per day and that women drink 9 cups of water per day. In these warmer months, it is beneficial to drink beyond this amount, especially if you are physically active or out in the sun. You may want to invest in a reusable water bottle to fill up as you travel throughout your day. Without hydration, your entire body is affected. This can lead to unconsciousness and hospitalization.


Wear sunscreen! That tan will eventually fade and leave you with hopeless wrinkles. Though we all know the risks of not wearing sunscreen, we still blow it off! But aside from protecting your skin from harmful rays, sunscreen also decreases chances of skin cancer, prevents facial brown spots and skin discoloration, and reduces the development of facial red veins and blotchiness.  Yes, vitamin D can be extracted from the sun and is beneficial to our bodies; yet, 5 to 30 minutes of an outdoor activity can give you plenty of this nutrient.  Don’t overdo it!


Take advantage of the beautiful weather and EXERCISE! In the winter, we can all blame the weather for preventing us from moving. With summer on the radar, go for a bike ride every morning, take a daily walk around the neighborhood, or do some laps in the community pool each evening. By doing so, you will get your heart healthy, your body stronger, and your mind at peace.


Maintain a good sleep schedule; attempt to stay away from “all-nighters”. Summer usually signifies the end of a routine. During the school year, most students go to bed at a regular hour and wake up early for school. Sure, you can extend your bedtime or rise time to a bit later in the summer; however, try to keep a steady routine with a repeated amount of hours of sleep each night (preferably eight).  With a healthy sleep routine, you will positively affect your mood, memory, and judgment.


Keep your reading skills sharp! School left little time for personal enjoyment reading, didn’t it? I hope that school didn’t spoil the fun of reading for you, though! Stop by the bookstore before you go to lay out with your friends and pick up a book that interests you. Through reading, you can improve concentration and imagination and learn empathy.


So there you have it: five tips to help you make the summer of 2014 fantastic, but also safe. Avoid littering your body with junk foods and most importantly, spend the time with those that you love. Summer is a time to make cherished memories to make up for the time lost to studying this year; go and do just that.

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