Be safe during Michigan’s crazy winter weather

By Kenzie Teichner

As we approach the holiday season, everyone starts to hope for snow. The first snowfall of this season was last weekend, Saturday December 3. Although snow puts everyone in the holiday spirit, things need to be considered such as warmth and safety.

As teenagers, we sometimes forget to consider how cold it is outside or how bad the roads are. Driving through the snow when snow days are not called can be troublesome, but going slow and making sure you are not driving recklessly is very important to stay safe and keep others safe. Central’s Oakland County Sheriff’s Police Liaison Officer Matt Leggat had witnessed a potentially dangerous incident with a reckless driver just the other day. He was driving past an elementary school when someone pulled out in front of him and cut him off while also cutting off the car going the opposite way. While this had happened, there were kids in the car and the roads were not the best; luckily, no one got hurt. Leggat said something that all kids should listen to, “Expect every other driver to do something crazy, it’s not you it’s everyone else.”

Along with this, it is getting very cold outside and warmth is important. Bundling up is key as winter comes. Wearing jackets, hats, scarfs, gloves and boots is the fashion in the winter season and with snow on the ground you do not want to be cold. Senior Alison Warren said, “I just went out and bought a new, big coat last week. It’s so cold I try to wear sweaters as much as possible.”