Central helps homeless teens with survival kits

By Carina Mouradian

This December, the Social Justice League as well as the Gay Straight Alliance have decided to team up and help the homeless people that are involved in the Matrix Off The Street shelter.

In Michigan, about 86,189 people experience homelessness according to Michigan’s Campaign to End Homelessness. Michigan is ranked fifth in the United States and first in the Midwest with the abundance of homeless people. These statistics need to change and can change if we all take a part in making survival kits that accommodate their needs.

These kits should include hygiene products such as deodorant, body wash, tampons, etc. This drive will go on till December 16 and there will be booths at lunch next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The co-president of Social Justice League, senior Emmy McAtamney said, “Donations will be accepted at our booth at lunch and ziplock bags with the supplies list will also be available. We hope everyone and their friends get involved.” Donations are accepted through money or creating the kit.