The best kind of days are snow days

By Summer Schwarz

Over the weekend of December 10th and 11th, Walled Lake received about 7 inches of snow and, best of all, a snow day was called for Monday, December 12.

The snow storm started on Saturday night and continued to get worse all day on Sunday. The roads were slippery and icy which encouraged a lot of families to stay inside. On Sunday at about 5 pm, Kenneth Guttman blessed Walled Lake with a snow day.

Monday morning, students all got to sleep in and enjoy their day off. Senior Trevor Beaufait spent his day going shopping and sledding with his girlfriend. “I loved it,” said Beaufait, “they should cancel school more often.”

Freshman Joe Schwarz was able to sleep in until noon. He spent the day lazing around his house then later went sledding with his siblings. “I hate the snow, but I wish everyday was a snow day,” said Schwarz.

However not every student enjoyed their day playing in the snow. Junior Dani Martin was stuck inside studying for her upcoming tests. “It was nice to sleep in and at least my tests got pushed back a day,” said Martin.

Overall, everyone loves snow days and having a four day week.