Gymnastics hosts meet against Farmington and West Bloomfield

By Ashley D

Walled Lake Varsity Gymnastics Held their first home meet against Farmington and West Bloomfield on Tuesday, December 13. The result of the meet was Farmington in first, Western and Norther was second, West Bloomfield was third, and Central was fourth.

Although all three Walled Lake schools are combined at practice, at meets Western and Northern compete as one team (maroon) and Central is separate (gold)

“We could have done better but we are definitely improving” said freshman Ari Jordan who was Central’s highest scorer competing in all events.

This was only the second meet of the season so the girls are confident that there is time for lots of improvement. The Farmington team was larger than expected which caused a delay in the meet which caused nervous energy from the gymnasts.

“Even though I couldn’t compete because I’m still new, I was still extremely nervous because of the big teams,” said sophomore Elizabeth Bobr.

The next meet was Tuesday, December 20 at Livonia.