Gift recommendations for everyone this holiday season

By Alyssa Rester 

The time of gift giving has finally brought itself upon us! As we enter everyone’s favorite time of the year, we also begin to stress as we search for the right gifts for those close to us. What do you get your best friend, your mom, your significant other? The possibilities are endless when you start in the right place.

For those of us that have the friends who are more like family, a meaningful gift is called for. Dig deep and think of the memories you share. Take advantage of any funny stories you two share and make a gift out of it. Sophomore Paige Wakeling said, “I am going to make a photo album of pictures of me and my best friend from all of our vacations and sleepovers as part of her gift this year. I am so excited to see her reaction when she opens it!”

Now, for your parents, start to think of all the times your parents were there for you. All the times they had your back; now show all of that appreciation and love for them into a gift. Find something that explains your relationship with your parents and how close you are to one and other. Junior Drew Schmidt said, “I am planning to get my mom a snowglobe this year, she loves them.”

Finally, your significant other, the most stressful gift to buy. Don’t try to be the cheesy boyfriend or girlfriend. Really think and take the time to find something that will make your partner happy and feel loved by you. Listen to them over the weeks leading up to the holiday and find out what they’ve been wanting for awhile to really show them you care. Freshman Sarah Najer said, “I am not in a relationship, but a lot of my friends are and I have been helping them plan out and buy gifts that are really thoughtful. One of my friends is making a scrapbook with pictures of her and her boyfriend and it is super cute.”                                          

Happy gift shopping, Central!