The winter season has finally began with Alpine opening

By Maddy Grady 

The winter season is here and the hills are opening up. The only thing left is to wait for snow.

Skiing and Snowboarding has been a major thing for most students and something we all look forward to. With the hills opening up we, finally are able to have an active outdoor sport in the winter.  Alpine Valley has opened one hill so far, thanks to temperature dropping they could start their process of making their own snow. The ski/snowboarding team is getting excited for the season. Senior Max Sharfman, who has been on the team throughout high school, said,, “I’m really pumped about Alpine Valley opening, I wait for it every year.”

For updates about weather, prices, hill maps, and getting lesson you can go to as they keep their website very updated in a timely matter. Tickets range from $35-50 depending on all day tickets or holiday weekends. Also, on weekends the hills are open from  9am – 10pm.