Language classes spread love with hallway posters

By Brooke Kirkpatrick

This year, French teachers Madame Barbie Green and Madame Leila Adkins decided to have all of their classes make posters dedicated to spreading love and happiness throughout Central.

Madame Adkins said that the posters were to help make Central a more loving and positive place.“We feel that it is important that we all feel included and have a sense of belonging at Central. We are all part of the Viking family.”

Some of these posters have been noticed by students and have inspired other classes and clubs to make posters as well. Along with the French classes making posters, Spanish teachers Nancy Kattoula, Luis Vasquez, Laura Griffin and German teacher Theresa Robinson were all inspired to make posters as well, but instead of in French, in Spanish and German. “We invited the Spanish and German classes to make them as well as the Student Council,” Madame Adkins added.

The goal of reaching out to Central students was definitely successful. Senior Jenna Mozak, says, “Me and Yuga, one of my SNAPS students, walked around the school to look at the posters, I think that they are really cute and are sending a good message.”