Performing arts annual collage concert puts on two amazing shows

By Erin Pratt

The Walled Lake Central Arts program performed their annual Collage concert on December 8 and 9.

The concert brings all levels of band, orchestra and choir together for one show about the holidays. The concert is in collage style where one song flows into the next without pauses in between.

“I am so proud to be a part of such a great choir family, but during the Collage concert I get to see all types of performing arts kids come together and that’s great homie,” said Junior Julia Mandilk.

Junior Mackenzie Biediger has participated in the Collage Concert for the past two years and was in the audience for the first time this year. “I thought it was really cool seeing all of the musics together. I go to the concert every year and it’s my favorite. I think it really gets everyone in the holiday spirit,” she said.

The concert is a tradition for this school and everyone really enjoys it. All the performing arts are very busy with their own concerts and music and to see them all come together for a performance really shows how close we are as a school and as a family.