Trying to work around the holidays

By Ashley Downey 

All the snow on the ground, holiday music,and cheerful people is a reminder that the holidays are quickly approaching and businesses are getting busier. This is both good and bad for employees. Sales and customers double in numbers and work hours become longer.

Senior Matt Gannon works at Buddy’s Pizza as a busser. “As the holiday season starts it gets a lot busier and more stressful,” said Gannon.  “Even though it’s stressful it’s also better because I make a lot more tip money and work more,” he added.  

As you can imagine, with the holiday season being here the mall has been a lot busier because people are starting their holiday gift shopping. Senior Tamara Barnes works at Mac in Twelve Oaks mall. “Starting on Black Friday, the mall has been insane,” said Barnes. The mall is always packed on Black Friday but it doesn’t stop there. Following Black Friday, the mall continues to stay busy daily and as we get closer to the holidays it will just continue.

Junior Shaelyn Goodwin is a waitress at Kerby’s Coney Island. “It hasn’t gotten that busy yet but since Coneys is in the mall I know it will start getting extremely busy very soon.” Goodwin explained how working when it gets busy is the best time because tips increase dramatically.

Working around the holidays is definitely more stressful but most people agree that it’s worth it.